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Lotus has state of the art facilities to meet constantly evolving needs of delivering accurate, timely and efficient medical services. One of the ways we accomplish this is through the use of cutting edge diagnostic technology that helps our doctors quickly diagnose and suggest a course of action to our patients.

GE CARDIOSOFT Treadmill Test Machine

The machine uses the high quality Marquette 125L & 15 Lead ECG Analysis program that is the gold standard application for the TMT machine worldwide. It provides well defined ECGs even in a high noise environment and is also incorporated with automatic arrhythmia detection assists and finite residual filter which provides ECG baseline correction and artefact resolution without sacrificing on critical measures. The robust editing functions incorporated in the machine makes report generation fast and simple. We have a specifically trained technician to operate the machine and are always supervised by our team of doctors.

GE E8 Ulta Sound Machine

The gold standard in sonological imaging, the GE Voluson E8 is the latest addition to our armamentarium. The imaging module has gone way past the ‘grainy and black and white images’ and now provides imaging with amazing definition and clarity. F4D imaging is the latest trend for expecting parents who wish to see images of their unborn baby blinking, yawning and smiling. Our expert doctors who have 20yrs of experience in sonology can only make this imaging experience more memorable.

Spida 5 Spirometer

Used for lung function tests, the Spida 5 helps our doctors provide reliable and reproducible results.

BIO-SYSTEMS A-25 Analyser

This is a random access continuous loading biochemistry analyser capable of performing up to 180 tests per hour. All routine end point and kinetic biochemical assays and turbidimetric measurements are performed in this analyser. All abnormal and out of range results are rechecked by using alternative methods in the semi-automatic Stat Fax biochemistry analyser.


The Roche E411 is a fully automated, software controlled immunoassay system which works on the principle of electrochemiluminescence (ECL), a technology that combines extreme sensitivity and precision with short incubation times, resulting in high quality assays and fast turnaround time. The instrument has the capacity of performing approximately 88 tests per hour. A wide range of quantitative and qualitative tests, including hormone assays, immunoglobulin E, vitamin B12, Ferritin and detection of antibodies to HIV and Hepatitis B are performed in this instrument.


The ROCHE U411 is a cutting edge urinanalyser that allows for quick differentiation between normal and abnormal results. All urine samples received are analysed using the automated urinanalyser, thus eliminating any subjective errors inherent in manual methods. All abnormal results are cross checked by alternative methods and all urinary sediments are reviewed microscopically before finalizing patient reports.